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2015 - 2022: Attuning to Your Ascension Connection

2015 - 2022: Attuning to Your Ascension Connection The Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello, beloved angels. We gaze at thee with large, bright, luminescent lasers of crystalline light beaming to your heart — from these eyes to your heart. Greetings, beloved angels, beloved masters, beloved brethren. Greetings!

The Expanding Vision of the Many Eyes

Within the presence of the expanded illumination of divine light that is ever present, there is upon you now a marked enhancement that is visible to all eyes who choose to see. Now is time when all eyes are readjusting to feel comfortable with many experiences of vision.

For many in the world of density, in the early months of 2015 and in the latter months of 2014, there will be a moment experienced within each being when the connection to the luminescent generosity and abundant waves of electromagnetic energy are discovered and felt within. When that moment occurs, the eyes will shift in many ways. As this shift is first a physical one, we offer to thee ways for the body and the mind to be able to relax into the recognition of this connection. When this connection occurs for thee — today, tomorrow, a month from now — it matters not. It is when the connection occurs that it is beneficial — that within the seed of the divine wisdom, the recognition of this energy has been absorbed so that there is not fear or resistance to this.