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Year Two of the New Earth: a Time for Humanity to Flow and Flower

Year Two of the New Earth: a Time for Humanity to Flow and Flower Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters! I am Metatron, lord of light. We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and a field of self-empowerment, for each of you are truly masters on your individual paths of ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that you, as a sacred and sovereign being, practice discernment with this and any such channeled messages.

Spirit speaks of love. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key. It is requisite of you to decide what is true and what is not, based on your heart and not on fear. No true sacred expression limits its truth and its beauty to one grouping.

Dear ones, choose to live freely, choose to release worry and fear, and choose to create your own well-being. Respect and nurture one another, and embrace love. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the nation of humanity will unite. It is the way humanity will ascend, and 2014 is a key phase for allowing you to coherently create the New Earth you desire. Year Two of the New Earth, 2014, energetically initiates the true phase into what is termed the Age of Aquarius, the true beginning of the Aquarian shift.