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The Year of the Blossoming Heart

The Year of the Blossoming Heart The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

As we look at the year 2014, we have made it through the wormhole of 2012 and 2013. For many, it might have felt as if you were squeezed, pushed, morphed, twisted, turned upside down, put through the transmogrifier, or experienced a beam-me-up-Scotty-like feeling over the last two years. So much change, so much transition, requiring everyone to be more open, flexible, malleable, and able to handle the higher vibrations of the coming years.

There is a new urgency to understand the energetics of being on the planet at this time. When we say "energetics," we mean a further awareness of all things on the planet as energy, a further awareness that everything is transitory.

Through the act of letting go of people, places, beliefs, situations, ideals, and positions, the theme for 2014 is to continue to polish the stone, to continue to polish the gem that is you. This means continually releasing that which does not serve your highest-vibrational energetic self, releasing the thoughts that limit you from your next expansive growth. This means releasing the positions you have about how life should be, how it has been and letting go of traditional human factors when planning life, such as goal setting or strategy planning.