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The Year of Amplification

The Year of Amplification Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. The frequencies of Earth are changing, and finer energy patterns are moving through your world now, thanks to all the work of those bringing expanded awareness to the planet. This year will be marked by energy amplifications. The increase in finer vibrations will be pushing denser energies out and replacing them with a lightness of being. This can cause a lot of old stuff to be brought to the surface so that it can then leave the atmosphere of your life and the astral field of the planet. As the old patterns emerge, new ones will begin to take shape. All types of energy will be amplified as this occurs. We are naming this "the year of amplification" based on the increased amplitude that will be felt in all areas of your lives. What you choose to do with the intensity will be up to you. We wish to help you be aware of how this amplification might appear in your personal experiences, which will also translate into the bigger global picture.

An Energetic Clearing

Just as when you are doing a body cleanse by fasting with a liquid diet to flush out denser indigestibles, the finer frequencies bathing Earth are allowing an energetic clearing of your physical, emotional, mental, and lightbodies. That which is no longer serving your growth can be cleared out of your system during these surges of energy. There will also be periods of influx when you become filled with higher frequencies that activate new DNA and enhanced abilities.

This has been going on for a while now, but throughout 2013 it has been building in strength and will increase in this coming decade. Being aware of what is happening will aid your transition from a denser to a lighter being. It is a process, and energies will come in ebbs and flows like waves upon a shore and tides swayed by the Moon. It will serve you to tune yourself into the flow and not try to fight the ebbs. Life is always filled with ups and downs, but the new frequencies will take the extremes to new levels and should be gracefully welcomed. We will relay how the energy waves ebbing and flowing may be felt.