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Wake Up, and Stop the Madness!

Wake Up, and Stop the Madness! The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Greetings, beloveds. We wish to commend your participation in this exciting, transitional time as you leave the third- dimensional experience and now fully participate in the fifth dimension. Your entry through the December 21, 2012, (12 + 21 + 2012 = 11) portal (11, ever the pillars of a portal) was not as difficult as you feared because you gradually approached the apex of the third dimension and gently stepped forth. Yet pockets of high drama play out as those entrenched in the old fear system resist change. Your persistence in quietly, or not so quietly, moving forward through the chaos of uncertainty is commendable. The new love-based "inclusive" system, which replaces the "exclusive" system, gains momentum because of you.

You have left the third (masculine frequency) dimension because it is time to progress and regain the balance you didn't achieve in that experience, as the ego was hijacked and the masculine guardian became the owner/controller. The fifth-dimensional feminine frequency is here to bring balance to your physical discovery. Neither frequency is good or bad in essence. It's how you interact within the frequencies that determines the goodness (evolutionary movement) or badness (turning back, stopping, stagnation).

Positive and Negative Frequencies

All creation is both positive (giving, outbreath, intellectualizing, logic, projecting, action, light, reflection, masculine) and negative (receiving, inbreath, internalizing, intuition, dark, absorbing, feminine). Even a rock breathes in and out, as does Mother Earth and All That Is, which includes the universe. All creation has its own breath motion, which is consciousness alive and aware. When the breath ceases (movement of give-and-receive rhythm), the consciousness dies to that form, and its energy reforms again in another way. Death as you know it is a good example. Take a deep inbreath now! Be aware of your divinity.