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True Prophecy Brings Hope and Vision

True Prophecy Brings Hope and Vision Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. As a spirit group, we are often looked to for guidance regarding the future. Many humans seek answers and assurances that they are personally on a correct path or that Earth will one day experience peace. We return these questions to you. Are you personally practicing true spiritual principles of love, joy, and peace? Are you actively imaging a peaceful planet and acting in accord with that concept? Likely, if you are reading this, the answers to those questions are yes. We ask one more question: Are you doing enough?

You Will Bring About Change

You may think, isn't this all in the hands of spirit beings? We tell you now, you are spirit beings. Although you are currently incarnated in a physical form, there is much that you can and should continue to strive for in these difficult times.

The answer to the question, "Will there ever be true peace on Earth?" is yes. But before you get to that point, there is much that must change. This is not an easy path, and many will be tested in their spiritual resolve. Gold is purified by fire, but it is valuable only when removed from the heat. A deep purification is taking place. The cooling phase is set to begin quite soon.