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The Six Great Opportunities of 2014

The Six Great Opportunities of 2014 Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Thank you for being here. Please share with us what you would like humanity to know for the year of 2014 on the planet Earth.

Indeed we are most gratitude-full. Indeed it is a great time to be here. It is important to recognize that you are full, and that fullness has many different components. To be full is to be filled, to understand, and to be in the joyous moment of the recognition of the truth of your being. This is what it is to be most full, to be complete.

Open Your Hearts and Lift into the Truth of Being

We ask you to pay attention. When you are full, when you have completed, you are indeed with great light. You bring forward much light into the top chakras. Within the crown chakra is great light, great fullness, great completeness. In this fullness, in this completeness, you are able to lift magnificently into your being in many dimensional realms. You are able to walk in a land of multidimensional expansive being, as you are an expansive being.