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The Return of the Goddess Realm

The Return of the Goddess Realm Sophia through Judy Carder

I am Sophia, and I have returned to speak to humanity, for humanity has seen and felt the absence of the Goddess realm long enough. It is time for our return. Many who have awareness have felt the Cosmic Mother come back to her place.

Duality Is Ending

It is time for us to speak to humanity and help you understand the transition through which you are going. Many things were prophesied for the end of the era. The Maya made humanity aware of a precise date. That date marked the return of those who had gone far away because duality had forced unity out. It wasn't the end of humanity; it was the end of the consciousness that created duality or was forced into duality.

For now, it isn't about forcing duality out but allowing duality to play itself out. Therefore, the chaos that human consciousness thought would end is only being amped up. It is being amped up so that it does itself in. There is no forcing it out. There is, instead, loving it away — sending love until it becomes uncomfortable enough to dislodge itself and move into its own background, like a black hole sucking itself in. This is what is occurring.