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The Recalibration of Your Perception of the Future

The Recalibration of Your Perception of the Future Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Humans get used to things that are in their reality box, and when they step away from this known reality, things become difficult. The multidimensional attributes of life are difficult to see, describe, label, or teach. So now we will go slowly and perhaps even repeat a few things that you might have heard before. But I tell you, blessed are the Human Beings who understand the learning process and are patient with themselves. Human Beings tend to be impatient in so many ways, and spirituality is one of them. Do not be discouraged with a process when it does not achieve itself all at once. That is the first instruction of the day.

Your Seeded State of Enlightenment on Earth

I want to talk about the future. As Kryon, I speak to you with the potentials of what might be. But these particular potentials are manifesting themselves quicker than not, so I give you these things in the light of what we see and within the existing energies. These attributes of potential are things happening out of sight that you cannot yet see but that we see developing as an overview. We see a future for you that is far different from what you imagine. So let us start with a basic premise that we gave you about a year ago.

Earth Humanity is new. The universe, and even your galaxy, is enormously old compared to what you would consider when you ponder, "How long has life existed?" You galaxy has been here for billions of years. Many revolutions around the center have taken place — even as many as sixteen. [Channel's Note: This refers to revolutions of the stars in the galaxy around the middle. Kryon calls these time periods "revs."]