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Prophecy 2014

Prophecy 2014 Spiritual Hierarchy through Tuieta

You ask of that which is before you. You desire date, time, and place so you might mark prophecy on your calendar to see if it come true. I say to you to put your calendar aside and look about you which step of the grand plan are you in. There is a cycle of the creative process that will bring you to the point your soul desires. Where is your soul, and is it at peace? As you enter the Earth's cycle, you also have a cycle which fits into, has the ability to express and grow or not — as you choose.

Man alone has choices — many choices — but none follow a calendar. Indeed there is no morrow. Yesterday is a memory, and this moment, this point on the arc of creation, is no more, no less.

Look well at your planet and its peoples. From my vantage point, you are in chaos — chaos over religious beliefs, definition of country's borders, and monetary inequity, to name a few. This is your yesterday, today, and tomorrow. "What can be done?" you ask.