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The Power of the Apocalypse Is a Force within the Psyche

The Power of the Apocalypse Is a Force within the Psyche The Infinite Source of Oneness through Judith K. Moore

A Shift in Human Perception Is Required for the Ascension

The powerful years for the forces of the apocalypse to transform the foundation of the consciousness of humanity extend from 2006–2019, with the trinity years being the most intense. You have seen the power of this force at work in the world in a multitude of ways: Earth changes, the collapse of banking systems, secrets revealed, and events that have shifted human consciousness.

One cannot limit the span of the end times to merely fourteen years, but these are the years that are key to the power and force of the apocalyptic transformation of Earth. The seeds of the New Earth are planted in the loam of human consciousness and shall flourish and multiply during the period of time called the thousand years of peace.

The foundation systems, sacred geometries of light, and cosmic seeds from creation are present on Earth, and Earth has been transformed. The living, holographic Earth has already evolved to the fifth dimension, but it will take a shift of the perception of humanity for this change to manifest in the physical reality.