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Personal and Planetary Awakening

Personal and Planetary Awakening Archangel Gabriel through Lotus Fire

Something is about to happen, and it is enormous. It is what has been called a "black swan" event — meaning an event that no one could have seen coming. This is being orchestrated by those off world and partially executed by those living inside Earth at the request of higher powers. It will be a breathtaking surprise, and it is coming in the calendar year of 2014.

"You Are My Brother. How Can I Help You?"

The Syrian business is a final lesson for the human race. It is a learning experience. This is too big, and the phrase "too big" is important. As the channel has guessed, world leaders are working in concert behind the scenes to play, as it were, "good cop, bad cop." They do not care — especially Obama — how they look to the public at this time. Obama knows that your history will vindicate him. All he cares about is preventing WWIII, and the way he is doing it is the only way he can see how — by sacrificing his own reputation at this time and allowing Vladimir Putin to come in and save the day by being the "good cop."

Together, they hope to heal the planet to finally convince everyone in the United States that it is important not to function as cowboys, not to rescue the world by moving into other countries as police officers. All governments must learn to go along with the United Nations Security Council before taking action so that you have a one-world government in effect when it comes to matters of war and peace.