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Open Every Sense to Fully Knowing, Feeling, and Trusting Love

Open Every Sense to Fully Knowing, Feeling, and Trusting Love The White Brotherhood through Alicja Bialasiewicz

Although there are many choices and pathways in front of you, our guidance is that for now you sit in quiet solitude and stillness and allow the universal healing energies to bring forth to you that which you desire. As you gaze into the desires and wishes of your heart, know that these dreams are already manifested in your own truth. Do not hide or turn away from that truth and don't hide or turn away from all that you wish to create in this lifetime.

Seek the Path of Fullest Joy

As we watch your daily struggles and the joys of your human life, we understand and honor your commitment to yourself, your community, and all else that vies for your attention. We watch your frustration, and we quietly ask you to focus only on the path of love, joy, and happiness. Measure each commitment, each obligation by your "happy meter." If it makes you happy, then do it. If it causes constriction of your being, then perhaps that activity no longer serves the person you have become.

Above all else, love yourself, honor yourself, treasure your worth, and do not shatter your inner core and your inner values by paying attention to the desires of others. As you bring joy into your life with only the full intention for joy, your world and the world of those around you will change, and we promise you that.