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The Meek Will Have Might through the Force of Gentle Power

The Meek Will Have Might through the Force of Gentle Power The Masters of Light through Claire Montanaro

Be content, dear one, with the achievements you have made and the gifts you have given, for they are magnificent. We who watch have seen, with love, your struggles, efforts, choices, and learning as you tread your human path of separation. You no longer experience separation from us, for that task is done for you, but you still face the lure of the third dimension, that world of matter that has bedazzled humankind since time began.

The Thinning of the Veil Will Continue in 2014

It has been hard for you, for materialism and consumerism is an addiction that is hard to break, particularly if you do not know you have it. As the veil of illusion has thinned that you have seen, remembered, understood, and have known what to do, to question and reject the generally accepted way can create a schism between you and those whom you love and others with whom you interact in life. But with the light of knowledge comes the responsibility to be true to yourself as a soul and as a vessel for Spirit. And you begin to do this perfectly.

In 2014, the thinning of the veil will continue and the revelation of potentially startling truths will emerge, enabling an awakening to the truth to affect many who hitherto have been asleep. Dormant souls will begin to stir, and as they begin to stumble on their initial paths of soul learning — one you trod eons ago — your own journey will accelerate. Beginners and advanced students alike will be confronted, individually and collectively, by reminders of their purpose for being alive in bodies on Earth.