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Life as a Lightworker in the New Era

Life as a Lightworker in the New Era Zi'antha through Wendy Zellea

It has become evident and acknowledged by an increasing number of lightworkers that the new era has arrived, is real, and is the home of all those who dreamed of it and worked to help create it. It was not at all manifested as expected, which is the beauty of it, because in retrospect, nothing could have been more perfect.

The Dream of a New Reality Has Been Realized

The simplicity and grace of the ascension process, which turned out to be a multidimensional shift that had no linear direction, was in keeping with the essence of beauty and magic that is the foundation of the new reality that had found its way to Earth. Thanks to the efforts, desires, and intentions of lightworkers, the dream has been realized, so pat yourselves on the back for being part of it.

Acknowledgment and extreme gratitude should certainly be expressed to the indigenous cultures that held the light through the past era. It was an agreement they made and kept so that humanity did not sink into total darkness, which would have made the current journey exceedingly more difficult. Now their burden is lightened, for lightworkers have agreed to share it.