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Life and Vitality: the Letter Hh

Life and Vitality: the Letter Hh Angeline Welk

Focus on Inner Balance and Life-Promoting Thoughts

When you connect to the spirit of the archetype related to the letter Hh, you draw the spiritual rays to you that support your well-being. This life-enhancing and unifying letter encourages you to respect, value, and honor the life that is yours to enjoy.

In creating the letter H, you begin each line of polarity with a downward movement. Originating from the realm of the archetype, this movement fortifies you with the holistic qualities of vitality and vibrancy.

You unify the two lines of stature with a connecting movement. Symbolically, you are communicating to your subconscious that you want your head and heart to work as a team; your intellect should abide by intuition, and your will should be empowered with love.