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The Importance of Truth

The Importance of Truth The Divine Mother, Merlin, and Pretty Flower through Miriandra Rota

Hello, my children. I am your Divine Mother. You all reside within my love. I flow forth in this manner to remind you of something essential to your upcoming journey through the transformative energies of your year 2014.

The most important factor to maintain during your own transformation and emergence into this new phase of your journey is this truth: You and everything and everyone are all one being. I know that you have heard those words before — perhaps many times. I am asking you to sit quietly and allow that truth to fill your conscious awareness in a deeper way than it has ever filled you before.

Of course, it is natural for your mind to want to express to you reasons for not accepting this truth. The reasons might be so very subtle that you do not recognize them. You might want to consider that you are not the beings who are going forth and causing great horrific events on Earth and on my beloved children. Yet I am asking you to let go of connecting the actions of some beings with who they really are. Inside of every being is the same substance that resides within you, my children, the same life force.