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The Human Body and the Ladder of Ascension

The Human Body and the Ladder of Ascension The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

There are so many first ascenders among you — those at the head of the ascension pack who have integrated a scale-tipping level of transformational energy into their energy bodies. Essentially, they have ascended. Their energy bodies are holding all the aspects of transformation. It resonates and radiates throughout your world and entrains others. Yet many of these front-runners are asking why they don't feel better. Why aren't they free from ascension symptoms? In fact, many insist they are feeling worse!

Ascension Symptoms: New Physiological Challenges

During the years — decades for some — that you have been affected by the incoming transformational energy on the Earth plane, your spectrum of energy units (mental, emotional, physical, psychic, and so forth) were being influenced. These influences caused changes in behavior, the surfacing of emotional dross, the renegotiation of relationships, the experience of loss and trauma, as well as physical symptoms. Your higher self used any means available that was aligned with your individuality to shatter old patterns and allow you to grow.

The ascension energy was gradually taking up residence in your energy body, the sphere of energy that surrounds your human totality. All forms of change or manifestation occur first on this level before moving onto your material living plane.