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Healing the Akashic Records

Healing the Akashic Records The Arcturians through Abby Isadora Haydon

We are the Arcturians. We have come again to speak to you of the topic that we wish to focus on when communicating through this channel. We speak of your blueprint, your genetic heritage, your DNA. We have spoken of this many times, but in this year that is called 2014, there will be great healing. There will be a purging of the records stored within the energy fields of this planet.

Your ancestors have passed down traits and memories that are within what many have called the akashic records. These are the records that are stored within the energy fields of the planet.

Each human has a direct connection to the akashic records. You could think of your connection to the akashic records as a baby within the womb of its mother. You are connected to the energy field of Earth and all that has transpired here since the beginning of inhabitation by your species. You have a cord of light that connects you to this source of knowledge and experience.