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Free Yourself from Mental and Emotional Limitations

Free Yourself from Mental and Emotional Limitations Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

Our dear children, welcome to this age of the Divine Feminine! We are here to help you understand what is happening now and explain what will continue to occur in the coming months and years (in your timing). I am/we are Papa Juan, a group consciousness who has been with you for millennia. We are quiet supporters and guides to you, and we are what you might call scientists.

We have been studying and recording you and your Pachamama's changes for a very long time. This particular time has a strong impact since we have not been able to predict accurately what was going to happen at this point in time. Now that the greatest part of the shift has occurred, we are able to see more clearly the ongoing fluctuating variables that will continue to affect you and your/our Earth.

There are many aspects that are being tracked and recorded, thus giving us a better perspective on what might be happening in your near and semidistant future. We will share some possible impacts on you as humans.