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The Energy Streams of 2014

The Energy Streams of 2014 Vywamus through Dorothy Bodenburg

The two most active streams of energy in 2014 are the consciousness of separation and the consciousness of connection. The separation consciousness produced the structures and institutions that helped build nations in the past. While some of these structures need refinement, others are hindrances and obstacles to constructing structures that are appropriate for today's problems. It is difficult for the power holders in the separation consciousness to welcome a different world and life perspective, for they fear loss of power and status. Whether that proves to be true or not, the emotional connection to power and status is extremely strong and defies change. It is what defines those who have it. The connection consciousness is in its infancy; however, there are those who embrace this opportunity for change and a different way of being. Each represents a different worldview and different lifestyles.

A Closer Look at Separation Consciousness and Connection Consciousness

Let's quickly look at each consciousness. The psychology of the separation consciousness is fear. There are many reasons to feel separated from others, and all are fear based. Some fear-based qualities that cause a feeling of separation from others are rejection, unworthiness, self-doubt, oversensitivity, helplessness, and powerfulness. The separation consciousness is perpetrated by ignorance and isolation of an individual or group from another by judgment and stereotypes.

Some of the characteristics of the separation consciousness are dependence on the external as a reference point, the patriarchal voice, absolutism, belief in hierarchy, polarized thinking, materialism, judgment, conditionality, comparison, and ranking. Basically, this is a mentality for letting others, such as authority figures or those you feel have power over you, tell, influence, or demand you do what serves them.