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A Doorway Opens to a Benevolent Future Timeline

A Doorway Opens to a Benevolent Future Timeline Various Beings through Robert Shapiro

This Shift Is Happening at the Microbiological Level

Grandfather and Zoosh

19 October 2013

All right, this is Grandfather. Zoosh is here too. Now, this is an important message for all concerned. An unusual occurrence has just taken place. A doorway, sometimes called a portal — but I'm going to call it a doorway because it's bigger than a portal — has opened up early to connect everyone on this planet as well as your perceptions, which would have to do with the universe as you see it and study it. You have now an almost three-year* opening to get a good grip on the benevolent timeline, which not only will help you to get to the next dimension, but also to the next version of Earth, which is completely benevolent and will provide you all that you need. No one will be eliminated from this journey. Everyone must go.

It is not a complicated thing to try to get a hold of that timeline. The exercise has been given before, but just to give you a quick reminder: Imagine the most beautiful place you can think of. If you can't think of it, get a picture, from anywhere. It can show a place that has a garden, maybe a waterfall. It is a place where you would be completely safe, and you could be yourself as you might enjoy it as a child, for instance, or as an elder. Reach into that space.

If it is a picture, lay the picture down or have it hanging somewhere, and reach toward it. But it is better to close your eyes and have that picture and feel yourself moving into it. Then see yourself in your imagination, being in it, moving about. Some of you might see this next-dimensional version of Earth. If you can imagine it, feel yourself there. It is more important to feel yourself there, so imagine feeling the ground under your feet or using your other senses. You might get an odor, a whiff, of some of the flowers, you know, or the surrounding air, which would be very clean and refreshing — not unlike you would find well out to sea or even in the countryside somewhere.