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The Delayed Galactic Changes Now Taking Place

The Delayed Galactic Changes Now Taking Place The Ashtar Galactic Command through Commander Aleon

Channel's Note: For many years, people have been given timelines for when and if certain changes would happen on planet Earth. For the year 2014, you will see a new cycle taking place that will have a dramatic effect on all life in your solar system.

Many times you want to understand your world, and this is a natural feeling to have while living where you are now. In truth, you are a part of a solar system and galaxy within a universe, so you will feel and see changes, as will other star systems in this universe.

Earth is still seeing conflicts among humanity that have continued to pop up in various places. The overall picture is that these conflicts have become fewer and fewer over the years. There are struggles happening within some world governments that are aware of cosmic events coming to Earth soon. To be more direct, we are speaking of personal contacts with various humans who are ready to represent the message as to why we have come back to this orb. It is a love for all humanity and all life forms in God's creation. It's also the cycle of the divine planning for humanity to rapidly lift up into a higher frequency within your bodies.