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Conflict Serves Duality

Conflict Serves Duality Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

You are all divinely beautiful. Your kaleidoscope of colors reflects the glorious purposes of your truth as you come together today to find an awareness of expression that will ease your conditioning of pain into champagne bubbles of love. We reflect together in the arena of conflict that holds the structure of your conscious awareness in place. Structure allows you to awaken to the remembrance of your totality of love, your great oneness of love.

In Love but Also in Conflict

Conflict is part of this creation. Conflict is part of your dream, your illusion space, or the great creation that you have chosen to be in now. Conflict is a beat that expresses the full spectrum of separation, for only in the belief of separation do you have conflict.

Absolute love broken down is absolute love. Yet if the belief in absolute love has become diluted — which it does in this spatial representation that you are in — then this dilution of absolute love causes conflict.