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The Coming Belief that World Peace Is Possible

The Coming Belief that World Peace Is Possible The Family of Master Teachers in the lineage of Melchizecek through Cinda Crull

My predictions for 2014 are bold and in many cases already quietly in the works. Wall Street is already being revaluated for the express purpose of preventing crashes. This is due to signs that collapse will happen again, due to both flaws in the system and mismanagement. President Obama is aware of this. World leaders and global economic institutions are involved.

There will be irrefutable proof that Earth is making significant changes. This is due to both human contribution and core planetary shifts that are unprecedented in history. We will notice great changes in weather patterns and entirely new organisms — not just adaptations of old ones — within five years.

For the first time, money will not be the prime motivating interest of the majority of humans. New interests related to both survival and improving the quality of life will overtake greed, even among the privileged. This will reflect the new consciousness that is more representative of a world community mindset. The evidence of such a change in consciousness will be noticed almost immediately, with entirely new systems that are more conducive to ecological, political, and economic balance in full function within ten years.