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Access the Divinity within Your Human Form

Access the Divinity within Your Human Form The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Over the past seven years, we have channeled information to you that focuses on the subject of spiritual expansion. The information we have provided — both within the pages of the Sedona Journal and in other venues — composes our complete statement on this very important topic.

If you have truly followed our advice, then you are ready. If you have not, then there is always time to explore what we have shared. And as we have always emphatically stated, ours is not the only path to spiritual expansion or the divine.

Let us review briefly what we have channeled to you over these last seven years. We have told you that you are God; we have told you that you are gods. We have urged you to spiritually expand into this divinity by consciously raising your vibration and embodying the frequencies of divine unity and divine love.