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The Accelerating Effects of Light-Code Streams on Planet Earth

The Accelerating Effects of Light-Code Streams on Planet Earth the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Dear light-code partners of Earth, 2014 will be another truly astonishing year. As the seeds of higher consciousness continue to sprout and more and more obstructions to their growth are removed, we will see exponential shifting in each one of you — individually as well as collectively. As the shift continues to accelerate, we remind you that the impact of the increasing frequency of the particles of light on your cellular structure and your DNA patterns continue to amplify geometrically.

The Shift Is Unfolding — Unfailingly

Collectively, you have all already achieved a critical mass of grounded new energy; hence the end is certain. The shift is well underway. And you are highly appreciated and necessary anchors in connecting this new energy to your planet Earth.

The shift process into new energy has ramped up throughout 2013. Thus we have noticed — as have you, Earth partners — that there is a sense of being on a runaway horse, of things being out of control, of always being behind the eight ball, of feeling rushed for no particular reason, and of being overwhelmed.