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You Are the Pioneers of the New Changes on Earth

You Are the Pioneers of the New Changes on Earth Council of Wise Ones through Therese Dorer

I am guided to a triangle of light with a column of light inside. I am asked to enter the triangle. As I stand in the column of light, my body dissipates and my spirit rises up the column and enters the fifth dimension of light and formlessness. I float into a circle of lightbeings and take my place in the circle. I feel the intense love and light from these wise beings of light.

Your Journey Has Only Just Begun

We come forth this day to welcome all of you to your rebirth and new beginnings. You have negotiated the waters of change on your Earth, and we stand with you in this time of change and transcendence as you have arrived into the clear, clean energy of love.

Each of you has played your part in this transformation. You came here to light your soul, and we know you will leave this lifetime content and whole.