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A Year of Chaos and Upheaval

A Year of Chaos and Upheaval Lynn Buess

The universal number for 2013 is 6: 2+0+1+3=6. Six is the number of relationships, responsibility, emotional security, service, and concern for the welfare of others. In larger affairs of the world, six relates to emotional security, welfare programs, health and health administration, charity, education, relations among nations, relations between planet Earth and the universe around us, relations between humanity and Earth, and humanity's responsibility to the planet and to itself.

To gain a more comprehensive perspective of the 2000 millennium and the aftereffects of 2012, the reader is encouraged to review my predictions for 2012 at my website With all of the hoopla surrounding 2012, it would appear that anything after that would be anticlimactic. As I wrote the 2012 predictions, I felt the year would not be as dramatic as many of the end-of-world and planetary-collision scenarios that were assaulting the airwaves and publications around the globe would have us believe. In fact, as I recall, I stated something to the effect that the numbers did not suggest an end of time, and that the planet would probably go on after 2012.

As I intuitively ponder 2013, both then and now, I must truthfully say that I feel now, as I did in 2012, that there is a greater likelihood of chaos and upheaval this year than in 2012. Maybe it will be a planetary scenario similar to a person taking a deep breath after a close call with a calamity or an accident and then suddenly getting hit.