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Unlock the Door of Your Perception and Discover New Worlds

Unlock the Door of Your Perception and Discover New Worlds The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

We wish to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing you in the coming year and the years to follow. First, we will deal with the challenges to your planet in the three-dimensional reality of your life. Then we will turn our attention to the evolutionary opportunities awaiting you.

Planetary Challenges

Due to climatic shifts, your ecosystem will be increasingly challenged. Weather anomalies will create agricultural crises. Pure water will become scarcer in some areas and too plentiful in others. Due to rising ocean levels, increasingly large numbers of people will be displaced during storms such as hurricanes, cyclones, and tidal surges.

The melting of planetary ice will escalate. This could possibly result in a tipping of the conveyer belt within the oceans of the world, which would have very negative effects on weather and climate. Increased carbon dioxide emissions will continue to degrade botanical life forms, including the great rainforests and the plankton of the ocean. This could result in a lowering of planetary oxygen levels.