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Unity and Purity Will Be the Keywords for the Coming Year

Unity and Purity Will Be the Keywords for the Coming Year Kuthumi and Lord Hilarion through Lynette Leckie-Clark

The changes you have made during 2012 will begin to feel more comfortable. Much of your past experience and many of your fears will be released, forgotten. People of all countries and races will seek a peace. During 2013 they will join together more than previously to share many things. One of the essential elements passed to all will be knowledge — knowledge of growing food, knowledge of building dwellings, and knowledge of higher truths. All of these will begin to instill security in the people. This feeling will be new to many, and they will relish it. There has been a lack of this feeling — security — for too long. This will enhance courage and the implementation of divine will through a deeper understanding of soul life and universal laws.

The Inner Cleansing of 2012

The previous year brought many challenges. The main challenge was within. With the integration of higher wisdom, a great wave of desire flowed over many — the desire to be more, to live a better way, and to break free of many outer limitations. However, before this could be experienced, many found a great number of threads that were still holding them to the past in their emotional bodies. This was and is your greatest challenge.

You could say the later part of 2012 was all about the emotional body. It was about letting go of old ways, old experiences, and old hurt. You first needed to understand why this was so important for you. What was the advantage of understanding this great challenge, which in a number of cases involved individuals taking a journey? Not a journey in the outer world but a journey through their inner worlds, which is much more difficult.