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A Unified State of Awareness

A Unified State of Awareness Arcturians through Abby Isadora Haydon

From the star system that you refer to as Sirius, we are happy to send you greetings. As the cosmic alignments, dynamic influences, and energy influxes assemble for the magnanimous event that you document in your world as 12–21–12, we are now able to embark on communications to your world. There is much joy and celebration within our star system. We are connected to your world for many reasons, and we feel that your humanity is what you may think of as a brotherhood or sisterhood to us. Therefore, we feel that we are seeing our own people grow to live their potential on your distant world. Our sisters and brothers are growing up. We want to express that this brings great joy! We are celebrating your coming-of-age transition, so to speak. We are celebrating the fact that your world is approaching a new level of consciousness and experience.

A New Level of Consciousness

Now, you may be asking yourself, "What is this new level of consciousness?" We describe it as the unified state of awareness. We know that we are also using the words that start with the letters U-S-A. This represents your country. We are doing this because your country will become a focal point for the emergence of this new perception. In your country, even though there is a great deal of violence, there are still very strong areas where great light and spirituality abound. This nation has the ability to make many changes within the next four years that will help to foster growth and appreciation of the unified state of awareness.

There is another term that has been used a great deal by people in your world, and that is the term "unity consciousness." This term has been bantered around by many on this planet, yet few have been able to grasp what this really means — until now. Many discuss it on the level of intellect, but few have been able to experience, feel, or live it. In the past there have been a handful of beings you call masters who have been able to achieve this state of awareness after great struggle and focus. For the most part, they had to depart from the existence known as society and live a very pristine life apart from what constitutes your everyday life. This was necessary in order to achieve this state of consciousness in the past. Now — and this is the beauty of this opening — everyone will be capable of experiencing the unified state of awareness.