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Twelve Monthly Energies for 2013

Twelve Monthly Energies for 2013 Sarrinn, the Ancients, and the Masters of Light through Daniele DeVoe

Welcome, lightworkers! At last we arrive at this momentous moment — the return to galactic center, the perceived end of the Mayan calendar, the fulfillment of the prophecies, the birth of the new age — and all of this beginning in the year of the 6 and the 13!

As you probably know, numerology is considered to be a finite science. After all, if you look at 2013, simply put it is 2 + 1 + 3 = 6. In reality, however, portions of the original teachings about the energies of numbers have been lost through the centuries of male-dominated human existence. Six, the number that symbolizes the blending of Source and humanity, has been seen as a very masculine number symbolizing the formation of the double tetrahedron, which holds much of the focus of training in sacred geometry. This patriarchal viewpoint suggests that as two triangles converge and blend, they form a six-pointed star — a Star of David — and the 3D version of this, the double tetrahedron, is drawn most often in its male orientation. Yet Gaia has recently entered a more matriarchal phase, and your 4D population has been working on evolving its more feminine emotional-body alignment. This year, the energy of the number six will begin to shift into this more feminine flow.

This shift is symbolized by the 13 portion of 2013. We will not offer a treatise on the number 13 or the more natural use of your solar system's 13-month calendar here; we simply choose to point out that this year that is designated as the thirteenth year in your twenty-first century marks the commencement of newly rediscovered, femininely oriented power. So what are the spiritual lessons that we foresee in the coming months?