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Truth, Order, and Economy in 2013 (24/6)

Truth, Order, and Economy in 2013 (24/6) Rhonda Smith

The coming year will begin manifesting the new world — the enlightened society we all want for our future. The principles of its foundation will be truth, order, and economy. You will be given opportunities to understand the beauty, pleasure, and privilege of responsibility, the ability to respond rather than emotionally react. What you will experience is the lower vibration of emotions being brought into its highest level of feeling. There is a difference. In addition, you will be pushed to find responsibility for your choices as you come to understand the beauty of service to humankind by giving respect and honor to yourself, divinity, and all of humankind. This vibration is highly idealistic on the higher plane of life, and its goal is to demand truth, justice, and fairness for all while remembering that all includes you.

January 2013 (25/7)

You begin the year with the vibration of blending within yourself, of finding the center point between your spirit and physicality and staying there. This requires you to honor both the left and right brain in union. Both are part of the whole and are meant to work together. In the past, a separation was required in order to explore the physical for understanding. You understand the physical now, so bring yourself back together. Blend and balance your wisdom — spirit — with the adventurous quest of the material world. This way, information comes to the surface, which will bring truth and clarity to all situations. The goal is to remain adaptable, flexible, and resourceful enough to make adjustments within to demonstrate the truth you find.

February 2013 (26/8)

This month is full of easy-flowing external energies for you to experience and take responsibility for your own power and authority while you learn that the flow of giving and receiving is the basis of any unification. This vibration gives you the ability to connect with your wisdom, which enables you to handle situations and the people involved. You also have the ability to accumulate abundance as long as you stay balanced and use it wisely as an asset to yourself and others. The goal is to meet your need to unify and organize by staying in balance, knowing that service brings power and unity brings the force to move forward.