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Transition of the Ages: an Astrological Overview

Transition of the Ages: an Astrological Overview mar de luz

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

— Ecclesiastes 1:9

We earthlings are curious beings — we have the ability to dream and create from our dreams, but we don't recognize our intrinsic power to do so. That's all about to change. The future is not exactly fixed, but when we dream or engage in focused meditation and project our intent with sincerity and belief, we do encounter the stuff of our dreams at some time — whether in this life or the next.

While We Are Here, We Hold the Key to All of Creation

We are moving into a new level of conscious awareness, with the dawning of the light of December 21, 2012, and that consciousness will recognize the power of unconditional love to create what my Native American teachers refer to as right action in every human circumstance. In other words, if we learn to stay heart-centered and grounded in right relationship to our Earth Mother, we will stumble on the stuff of our dreams sooner or later as a result of quiet prayers uttered on Earth, either in this life or a past one. When we encounter extreme opportunity, it means we have walked a good road, kept ancient promises, and asked for this miraculous blessing somewhere in our soul's journey — perhaps as a child, wishing on a star.

Through many lifetimes, when we have gained enough terrestrial experience to be able to balance the mind with the heart — to see others as extensions of ourselves and the wonder of intentional creation swirling all around us — we will come to realize the power that we hold as humans to harness and project healing light while still touching the earth. Some of us have further to go than others and more lifetimes to live to find our path — there are no shortcuts. But the secret is to immerse ourselves in the whisperings of nature while we are here in order to dream the dream of infinitely deep time, space, and dimension.