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Time Is Under Construction and a Rerouting Is in Progress

Time Is Under Construction and a Rerouting Is in Progress The Sisters of the Seven Stars and the Nine Time Lords through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Sisters of the Seven Stars

Welcome! We are the Sisters of the Seven Stars. We have always existed as light. We can be nothing but light. We herald from beyond the suns; we are the light behind the light. We are your reflection and your beginning. We live within a portal of light in the Pleiadian star system, where light can bend and timeless knowledge pulses to all who enter.

We are a stargate, a vortex that houses codes of light that have been held secret and now seek to be seen and completed. We are a reflection of solid light that guides one into the secret places of shining knowledge. We are a seventh-dimensional lens of light that allows a deep connection between the Pleiades and Earth.

The Year 2013 Exists on an Island Outside of Time

The year 2013 is welcomed with open arms by all universes, with many dimensions breathing a deep sigh of eternal relief. Earth applauds itself for making it through the dimensional flux and transmutation of 2012. Last year, powerful plays of energy announced themselves in solar emanations that touched every cell of everything on planet Earth. Time came undone and retied itself into a framework that still cannot be fully seen or understood.