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Step Forward and Shine On

Step Forward and Shine On Eden through Maya Cointreau

There is such a great proliferation of love and light right now on your planet. A few bodies are still pushing the fears, pushing the lies, but no one is really buying it anymore. The mass consciousness of humanity on Earth is really and truly well beyond that now. Racism, intolerance, hate — these things are all less accepted now. The universal law of silence has been repealed, and now the truth is coming to light. Truth, honesty, and compassion — these are the new golden rules shining forth from humanity, rewritten in mass consciousness for all to know.

A True Grass-Roots Movement of Joy, Redemption, and Compassion

Please know that the souls of the bodies that are pushing negative messages are not of lower vibration or lagging behind in any way. You should honor and adore these people because their souls have agreed to do the final work of coalescing humanity into mass agreement for a new age, a new world order. This is not a world order of greed and control, but a true grass roots movement of joy, redemption, compassion, empathy, and love.

These souls are helping humanity cleanse itself by shining a light on the small seeds of fear and doubt that still remain. So no, do not hate them. Do not let them make you angry. So smile when you hear double-talk, and laugh when you hear a lie. For you know that these things are driving all of you toward truth, beauty, and light.