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Shared Wealth: a Key to Ascension

Shared Wealth: a Key to Ascension The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

Many lightworkers who are also among the first ascenders are still questioning when the transformational changes will be so obvious that it won't require a leap of faith to believe it is really happening. In the multidimensions of answers to that question, one of the most important would be this: when there is a major shift in the balance of wealth in your world.

At the present reading, there are several open paths — probable realities — that would bring this about. It is hoped that your awareness of your world history will serve to prevent a French Revolution-type scenario. Revolution, however, is still available in one form or another. This will be a worldwide shift.

A Gentle Redistribution of Wealth on Your Planet

Those who hold the positions of wealth and power are not going to capitulate without a fight. In the interest of placating the wealthless, however, they may bend and give over a level of possession while still intending to maintain power. But this gesture will be just enough to bring about a cascade of changes that will shift the scales. The have-nots will receive a lift that, when combined with their strength in numbers, will raise their side of the scale closer to the balance point.