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Self-Identity Dissolves

Self-Identity Dissolves Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

It is appropriate to discuss the dissolution of self-identity, especially as it relates to the way you experience the movement out of this major year of transformation, 2012, and into this next year, 2013.

Realizing Who You Are

When we look energetically at everything unfolding at this time, we see that you have come to a point of understanding the impermanence of life and recognizing that in every moment you have the opportunity to simultaneously be a self and no self at all, and that there is a way to experience both of these conditions without moving into the old paradigm, where the One Life emerges out of the old world of duality. Not only have you learned to put aside the culture — and the domination rampant in that culture — that you came into in this lifetime, but you also have realized who you are without attachment to a conceptualization, without thoughts of who you are. You have done that over this past year without feeling overwhelming isolation, without succumbing to a deep and dark death experience, though this has probably come up for you from time to time.

These times of accelerated change force everyone to jump to the next arm of the spiral, as it becomes clear that there is nowhere else to go. With some sense of loss — but without getting fixated, stuck, or attached to any of it — you use your experience as a foundation from which you create what is next. From our perspective, this turning point is so vast as to have completely transformed the way in which you create the nature of your existence or the sense of your reality, and the only next opportunity is to go beyond even that, to be so consciously neutral that there is no effort in anything you create. In fact, you can come to know that there is no difference between being yourself and your self.