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The Seeding of the Light of Creation on Earth

The Seeding of the Light of Creation on Earth Wisdom of the Universe through Judith K. Moore

Open your hearts, beloved ones, and celebrate the dawning of the new light on Earth. It's a time to welcome 2013 with open arms, rejoicing for the safe passage of your planet through the eye of the needle. You are the ones who have made the journey of faith with the soul of Mother Gaia. You have endured the test of time: For cycle upon cycle upon cycle, you journeyed to this place in time to weave the light for the New Earth.

Your Absolute Faith Fueled the Acceleration of the New Earth

Your faith has truly altered the perceptual reality of your planet from one of devastation to one of hope and promise. Twenty twelve was the year of absolutes. All actions, thoughts, words, and deeds that resolved the old duality paradigm have entered the level of manifest creation.

Your absolute faith is the power that fueled the acceleration of Earth through center of the eye of the needle. Each time you overcame the probability of predictions of fear and loss, energy was generated into the living hologram of Earth. Now the living hologram of Earth is the essence of eternal life.