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Receiving Life Together

Receiving Life Together Aumorra through Nancy Elizabeth Brady

Channel's Note: Aumorra (pronounced o-more-a) is guide from the Pleiades who communicates for a galactic coalition known as the Wisdom Carriers.

Welcome, dear friends. We are honored to stand with you and reflect your untarnished light so that you may see yourself with clear eyes and heart. We offer these words and vibrational support so that you may receive and remember the potency of love that is breathed into your being in every arising moment.

The Blessings of Unity, Polarity, and Inner Wisdom

The year of 2013 is a time to receive the blessings of unity and the gifts of polarity. It is a pivotal year that places increasing emphasis on your willingness and ability to receive as life moves and changes. For as you open to receive, creative and intuitive solutions emerge. In barely a breath of creation's time, you will discover that receiving your inner wisdom is a transformational force that carries you forward with equilibrium and clarity.

The time is fast ripening for a personal commitment to receive your innermost dreams. Some among you have spent many years — or many lifetimes — supporting other people's dreams. This is a time for you to claim and begin to live your own dream.