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Purify Yourself and Bring Forth New Colors on Earth

Purify Yourself and Bring Forth New Colors on Earth Merlin through Linda Edge

I present myself to you, tipping my hat low toward the ground, sweeping it across the beauty of your feet and up through all that you are. I am Merlin, and I tip my hat thoroughly and completely to you.

A Journey into New Creation

Speak to us, Merlin, about relationships — where they are moving and where we, as humanity, are going in our relationships as we develop ourselves and refine our hearts in the new era to come.

The question is a broad one. Perhaps we will break it into smaller steps. Perhaps we will make it a ladder of sorts. I do not mean a vertical ladder, but more like stepping stones, as if you were stepping on marble steps, moving into greater mystery, as if you were ascending a beautiful path to see a great ruin that was left behind. Only in this case, you are ascending to see the new citadel, a new vision of what is being built.

So I take you on a journey up the marble staircase, up the slightly inclined ladder. But a journey into where? Into your own heart, into your own place where you will dream a new dream for yourself. "Where does the dream begin?" you ask Merlin. The dream begins within your heart. The dream begins with a vision from each of you that will, yes, impact your personal lives. But it will also create a piece of a collective vision that will bring a new dwelling on Earth — a new citadel.