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Our Future Is in Our Own Hands

Our Future Is in Our Own Hands Michelle Karén

Uranus remains retrograde until December 13. The shadow period continues until March 30, 2013, when it returns to the exact same degree it started its retrogration on. It travels this month from 4°41´ to 4°37´ Aries. This degree is represented in the Sabian symbols by "a triangle with winds." Freeing ourselves from the known and letting go of the conditioning of society, our upbringing, and old thought paradigms will allow our hearts to soar into oneness.

Jupiter remains retrograde this whole month until January 30, 2013. Its shadow period remains until April 25, 2013. In December it travels from 11°31´ to 7°49´ Gemini. These four degrees are symbolized in the Sabian symbols by: "A black American girl fights for her independence in the city," "newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience," "an airplane performing a nose dive," and "aroused strikers surround a factory." The destruction of what-is-not continues as we rebel against what has enslaved our spirits and prevented us from being all that we can be. It is a time of knowing our truth and asserting our independence.

December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar. As we wake up on December 21, nothing will feel dramatically different, yet everything will have changed because of the gradual transformations that have occurred individually and collectively over the past decade. Negative people have left our lives, circumstances that were blocking us have dissolved, and, even in the face of occasional adversity, our hearts are flowing with gratitude. We are aware of a much bigger picture and we know our own power for manifesting our dreams. This date marks the end of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the golden age announced by prophecies from around the world. It is also a time of mass awakening when not just one person or one nation is reaching enlightenment but a critical number of people all across the globe. Density and darkness recede as consciousness rises. It is a moment of global celebration and faith. Our own future is no longer in the hands of those who would control us for selfish reasons but in the minds and hearts of each of us, visualizing into being a whole new society based on love, abundance, peace, and harmony.