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Open Up Your Heart

Open Up Your Heart The Novenian Masters through Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings. We come in celebration! It is our honor and pleasure to be here with you on this, your day. The love that is emanating from your planet at this time is most beautiful to behold. From our perspective, your planet is all aglow in a most magnificent, remarkable golden hue. Congratulations and well done!

We wish to speak with you about events that are about to occur in your world. We speak of a transition that your Earth is going through at this time. This is a moment in time that has been predicted by many nations and spiritual leaders in your Earth's history. Earth is moving into a new vibration. This jump in vibration is also occurring within your cosmos and your galaxy. Each individual on your planet is going through this transition, whether they are aware of it or not.

Stay Centered in Your Heart, but Pay Attention to the Changes around You

We have a message for those of you who are aware, who have been working toward this goal and paying attention to the information that is all around you and indeed that comes from within, from your own history and the history of your Earth. We say to you: Stay centered in your heart and open in love, and you will increase your awareness of your divine connection.