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The New Paradigm Has Begun to Take Root

The New Paradigm Has Begun to Take Root Heshtar through Asandra

I am here now to speak of the coming times — not of the future but what is transpiring at this moment in the awakening of human consciousness. Those who have spent many lifetimes, including the current one, awakening their consciousness will be the most aware of the new and subtle energies that are congregating in the universe. They will find their consciousness elevating and becoming more attuned. On the other hand, those focused primarily on events transpiring in the physical plane of reality will remain confused and uncertain. It is the virtual and psychological equivalent of going down with the ship.

The Consciousness Revolution

There is either a rising up into the new consciousness or a descent into the madness and confusion of a world that is ending. Simultaneously, a new universe is being created within the old universe. You could call it an overlay or parallel reality. It is evident that human beings are awakening in different time structures and that only a handful — relative to the global population — are cognizant of this portal of consciousness that is opening. Those of you who know of the great awakening and have dedicated your lives to that higher vision will lead the way for others, and you have also been doing the karmic work of clearing the pathway. Many individuals born anytime up until approximately 1980 have been doing this karmic clearing work. It is not just an individualized karmic clearing but one that has assisted the collective as well. Through that cleansing, a new consciousness has been brought forth to the collective. This has enabled successive generations to be liberated from those causal limitations, freeing them up for the new evolution of consciousness. The karmic clearing has assisted in breaking down old constructs and ideas that have held humanity in a spiritual gridlock for centuries. It has introduced new and more enlightened wisdom to the world at large.

The new subtle energies are making their presence known, although you must have a development of the highest attunement in order to sense their existence. The dissolution of the old institutions and belief systems in the world around you — ideological, cultural, and political — will continue for many years to come. Human beings have populated Earth from many regions of the universe, thereby developing their consciousness in different stages. You cannot expect the entire human population to awaken simultaneously at the same degree of awareness. It will not happen all at once.