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The New Light of the World That Banishes the Darkness

The New Light of the World That Banishes the Darkness Susan Shumsky

My beloved beings of light, you are filled with the radiance that is God. Know now that the world is undergoing a profound transition. The old world is gone and the new world is here. Those who are attuned to higher consciousness and to the love of God will survive, thrive, and prosper. Those who are stuck in the old ways and habits of separation, conflict, and resistance will manifest their vision of agony in their own lives and in the lives of their own families, communities, and world.

Together We Are Creating a United World

There is a greater intensity of light, since lightbearers spread their vibration of love and goodwill throughout the planet. At the same time, there is a deeper concentration of darkness as hate-mongers spread fear, confusion, prejudice, intolerance, and hatred. Therefore, in the coming times, there will be a more distinct polarity of light against darkness. The light will shine with great force, and at the same time, the darkness will resist that light with all its might. However, the light will ultimately prevail.

The consciousness of humanity is lifting now, and in 2013 and beyond, we will notice a distinct shift from the old ways to a new pathway and a new purpose for all who inhabit this planet. There will be a softening of the hearts of all the world's inhabitants as they step up their vibration to a higher octave. This is the time we have waited for. This is the time we have dreamed of, for we are now creating a united world, a world free from fear and warfare.