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The New Dream Begins When 2013 Arrives

The New Dream Begins When 2013 Arrives Reshel (feminine aspect of Lord Metatron) with the Lemurian Council of Light through Pat Crosby

Mayans have called 2013 the new dream, the new beginning. Indeed, you have in mass consciousness dreamed an old dream that has well run its course. Congratulations on running so many masterful lesson plans, dear humans!

In the old dream that is coming to an end, you got to experience your individual and group lesson plans for exploring the cracks and crevices of the third dimension, the realm of duality — the realm of yin or yang, up or down, yes or no, win or lose. It was exciting, wasn't it? Just watch the crowds scream with excitement when their favorite team wins — or boo and hiss when their team loses. Did you enjoy all those adrenaline rushes available when the third dimension was in ascendency?

Incarnating Here and Now Was Your Choice

Now a big ending is at hand — the end of the 26,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes of which much has been written and discussed. Many have tied their knowledge and revelations to the famous forecasts of the very adept Mayan astrologers and soothsayers. We say this information is all correct. Many great civilizations, long before the advent of the Internet and current technology, were well able to read and chart the great cosmic cycles as revealed in the stars and the motions of the planets as they evolve and spiral in their various trajectories.