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A New Astrology Perspective for 2013 and Beyond

A New Astrology Perspective for 2013 and Beyond Three Johns through Nansea Lee

Twenty thirteen is calling on each one of you to bring more awareness into your lives. More light codes are igniting, and more awareness is accessible. There are many hidden messages for you in your individual astrological chart. It reflects your unique energy, and it is the coat of many colors that each of you wear in this lifetime.

Astrology holds many keys for your new awareness. Not only is astrology an esoteric science, but it is also an energy system. This astrological energetic system is here to be used by you, bringing more clarity and support to you in these changing times.

There are twelve astrological signs, and throughout your prior lives, your soul has had experiences with each sign. You have been a Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and more. Each astrological sign carries specific characteristics and a theme. Your soul chose the day and place you were born to give you certain potentials, opportunities, challenges, and lessons in your life. Your astrological birth chart reflects this knowledge. Astrology for the new age focuses on the energy that is present for you in your life through your astrological birth chart.