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Moving to the Next Dimension

Moving to the Next Dimension Isis through Robert Shapiro

A Journey to Benevolence

27 July 2012

Life on Earth in the Fourth Dimension

All right, this is Isis. Greetings.

Earth has a multitude of dimensions as part of her total being, and we — all Earth humans — are moving from one of them to another, the fourth dimension. I read that the planet we are going to looked green instead of blue. How will our perception of the next dimension differ? I am looking out of my window at a mountain and tall, green trees — will the same topography be there?

The topography will be similar but not identical. There will be mountains and there may — on the very tops of the mountains — occasionally be snow, but that is unlikely. The atmosphere will not be green, but the surface of the planet will be green because of plants. The planet itself will be vastly bigger than this planet, and while there will be water, the water will be running underneath the foliage, so you wouldn't necessarily see it. That suggests that there will not be vast oceans. But there will be plenty of water for everybody, including the plants, and it is very likely that the vast bulk of the population will live underground. It won't be cave living — it will be very modern, very beautiful. There will be structures that come up from underground to gather and bring in the sunlight in its natural state — not an artificial sun — to the underground communities. The reason people will live underground is so that the surface of the planet can remain pristine. It doesn't mean that people will not be able to come to the surface; it just means that they will not linger there or live there. They certainly will not cut down trees.

So people will be encouraged to come to visit for a day or even a little bit longer, but there will be no impact from various food containers or anything else. Anything that you have to do or anything that you bring with you, you will take back for recycling. You will have surface dwellers at times, but they will be in something not unlike a vehicle that travels between planets, so it will most likely remain elevated above the surface of the planet. These vehicles are not glass domes, but they have been pictured sometimes in science-fiction books as looking like that. These pods, as I am going to call them, will have significant numbers of population, but the populations in there — the Earth human beings — will not remain for any length of time. These pods will not actually sit on the planet; they will be floating above the planet so the surface of the planet itself is completely safe and all needs of the human population will remain inside the pod. But everybody inside the pod will be able to go out on the surface of the planet for a few hours, if they like, and breathe the air, which will be profoundly rich in oxygen, much more so than it is now. There will be no pollution. If just a few people go out at a time — meaning no more than 1,000 on any given day — there won't really be a problem.

There are no large bodies of water — no lakes, oceans, dolphins, whales or anything like that?

There is water. If you approach the planet from space, it looks green because of the trees, which will be very tall. Heights of 400, 600, and 800 feet tall will not be unusual, and there will be much taller ones, up to 1,200 feet tall. They will be very big trees, and underneath the trees will be water running in many streams and small rivers, but mostly streams. So you may occasionally have, in the case of rivers, freshwater dolphins. They used to exist on this planet. There might be a few left but not many.

The Sun also has many different levels to its being — dimensions — so will there be the same Sun as we have now but a different dimension of it?

Yes, of course.

So the fourth dimension will be here, but in a more expanded version than the third.

Yes, it will be the same solar system. The one significant difference, however, is that the asteroid belt will no longer be present. There will be a planet there.

Which one?

Well, it will have its own name, but it will be the planetary orbit before Jupiter.

So we will look out and see the twelve planets in this solar system, and planets ten, eleven, and twelve will be manifest?

They are manifest now, but they will be bigger at the fourth dimension. They will be much more visible, and the populations will be there and will welcome visitors. Of course, you will be able to travel in the solar system. You will be, for the most part, completely benevolent beings, so you will be welcome everywhere. Of course there will also be visitors here because the planet will be beautiful. It is beautiful now, but I am saying it will be because you are on your way there. It will be quite beautiful, and there will be lots and lots of visitors from other planets who are totally benevolent beings like you will be and as you really are in your souls and spirit-selves.

That isn't something strange and foreign. In fact, it is exactly who you are with the personalities you have now but nothing that is associated with discomfort — as Zoosh calls it, and I like that term — so you will know other human beings very often at that dimension based on having known them before. You will recognize them on the basis of their personalities — not just the twinkle in their eyes but who they are. There will simply not be any discomforting qualities there. No one has to adapt or struggle or try to get over suffering. There won't be any suffering; there will be complete benevolence.

You won't have technology as you understand it today. The ships that travel will not be ones made on Earth. But that's not unusual — it is very typical that other societies who have the means to create such vehicles will simply share them. They will be shared with you people who wish to travel to other planets and star systems. The ships will be made available, and you will be able to travel without having to learn how to operate things and build things out of materials that don't wish to be turned into those things. The vehicles will not be made of anything that is associated with Earth at all. They will be shared by other civilizations, and because everything everywhere but here is benevolent, the ships from other civilizations will be completely acceptable by Earth — meaning floating above the planet — and people will simply be able to get to them from the pod cities. A vehicle, for instance, might come and be able to enter the pod city, and people who wish to go someplace — maybe to the Pleiades, for example — will simply get on the ship, and away it will go for as long as people want to visit. Or they might want to visit Jupiter, which at that level will be well and thoroughly peopled. So the ships will not be made up of anything from fourth-dimensional Earth; they will come from other places and be available for transportation.

Contact with Your Root Races

What about the whole Explorer Race idea? Over the course of all these books, we were told that we would go out to many of the other civilizations and star systems and that our lust for life and our curiosity and our energy would stimulate these other civilizations and planetary peoples into growth that they hadn't taken advantage of previously.

Yes, that is still the case. The civilizations you visit, however, will be civilizations who desire growth but cannot grow but based on what they have now. And those who desire growth will be, as has been said before, welcoming a minor degree of discomfort. It has been said in the past that it would be 1 percent, maybe up to 2 percent, but that has changed. It is now going to be no more than one half of a percent. In time, for various civilizations on one or two planets, it may go up to 1 percent or even 1.5 percent. But there has been a change on the consensus level that 2 percent discomfort is too much, so half a percent is most likely, and that will be perfectly acceptable. Explorer Race individuals — not necessarily everybody on fourth-dimensional Earth but those who are the astronauts and the cosmonauts of the Explorer Race — will number at least 100,000, maybe close to 150,000. They will be the ones who will go out in ships provided by other cultures and the cultures. The planets in the universe that welcome that growth curve for whatever reason will welcome those beings. So that is still the case.

Now it has been said many times that the first beings who would contact us here — and I'm not sure at what point in the journey between the third and fourth dimensions this would be — but that when we finally met beings from other planets, they were was going to be the half-human/half- Zeta beings. But now some ETs I have talked to through Robert have said that we will meet human beings from other planets who look exactly like us. Will they be Pleaideans? Has that been changed?

I cannot state for a fact that they will be beings from the Pleaides, but that has been suggested — and I think probably rightly so — that the first beings you will meet will all look like human beings and will represent the races you have on Earth. You will see beings who look like they are from China or Japan, you will see beings who look like they are from Africa, and so on. So you will see these different shades and types of beings and people will love it because they will get a chance to understand the root cultures from which they appear. So it will be like that, but the first nonhuman beings you will meet will be some beings who look something like a cross between Zeta Reticulans and smaller human beings, meaning beings about four feet tall at the most — perhaps four feet, two inches. So those will be the first beings you meet who are not strictly human, so that is still there. But it was believed that it would be better to begin with beings that Earth human beings could recognize as being like them. And of course you will still have all of the races that you now know on Earth in the fourth dimension.

Various of you had previously said that a special prototype human being was created for us to embody on this planet who was more vulnerable and lived a shorter time than humans on other planets. But I didn't know that the various races we have on this planet — all of the different colors and cultures — were actually similar to races on other planets. So each of them has roots in a different civilization on another planet?

Yes. And I feel it will be very comforting for this knowledge to come out. Of course, to people at that fourth-dimensional aspect of themselves, it will seem just natural. It won't be something where they are comforted and then they feel better because they won't have been feeling bad in the first place. The better feeling takes place now so that people will know that you will in fact be meeting these beings who will tell you a great deal about themselves, and you will recognize in yourself and in your children and other beings certain qualities that are associated with these other planetary cultures. I am not going to go into that because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the main thing is I can assure you that you will be reassured.

Now the reassurance doesn't wait until you get to 4.0 — the reassurance starts to happen when you are at about 3.73 and beyond, because at this point you will be so close to the 4.0 that you will be almost completely benevolent. There will still be some traces of discomfort — maybe up to 3 percent — but that won't be enough to prevent contact from taking place. So I just want you to know that you don't have to wait to get to fourth-dimensional Earth. You will be in mid-gear, so to speak, and you will be experiencing something at that point that is akin to fourthdimensional Earth. You understand, you are not going to suddenly disappear and appear at fourth-dimensional Earth. You will go through a stage where the planet will get bigger — but then everything will get bigger relatively — and then after a while you will go through a stage, and that is the stage you are in now. Once you get to about 3.73, you won't be getting any bigger, but the planet will be getting bigger. And the planet will be changing, so there will be a transitional state before you get to 4.0. And it is in that transitional state that a lot of the contacts will be made and people will feel wonderful. Oh, they will be meeting the people who were the root races of the African root races, and the Eskimo and the Chinese, and so on. It will be a wondrous time. And that is what I am talking about: People will be reassured and thrilled and happy and enjoy the experience. So parents, know that your children and their children's children are going to have this experience, and it is going to be wonderful.

We have talked to some of them. Last year, those who had seeded the Mongolian race and culture talked through Robert from a craft that was seen and videotaped.

It may be possible in the future to talk to others.

Good! Recently an ET linguist said he had found traces on Earth of over 300 languages that he could source to ET cultures and civilizations. That is an incredible number.

Well, that is because there are a great many races that existed on Earth going back in time — the Earth that you are on now — that do not exist now because, as is typical with a planet when the population gets bigger and bigger, people fall in love with people who look a little different, and races gradually evolve into groups that are less classifiable. But that doesn't mean that those races are not still present; they're just present within the genetic code.

And some of the languages hang in there as dialects.

Yes, dialects in some cases, and in others, languages just merge based on whatever the predominant culture is at the time, depending on where you are living. So some languages are lost, but they are not lost completely. When you begin to have contacts with these beings from other planets, they will expose you to their language as they speak it. But there will be very great ease in communication, and there won't be a problem of trying to understand beings from other planets in their language and vice versa. So there will be ease in communication, but you will also be exposed to their language so that you can hear what I would like to call the music of the languages. Some languages have a sort of high and low register and they go down and come up, and there will be things like that. There will also be different sounds — to some extent, you have heard even in recent years sounds in languages — clicking sounds, even whistling sounds, and so on. That is not unusual in some other planetary cultures.

Overall, what is the percentage of discomfort on the planet now?

Well, I have to average it out. I recognize that you are asking for an average. On an average for this exact moment, it is 38 percent. It has gone up to as much as 46 percent, but it is not there at the moment. It is 38 percent as of this exact moment. Put the date and time here. [7:11pm Arizona time on 27 July 2012.]

Well that is awesome, because the last time I asked, it was like 65 percent.

Yes, it goes up and down. I don't think it will go up to 65 percent again. That was an extreme situation, but a great deal of work has been done since then.

One Factor behind the Violence of Current Times

What number would you put on where we are right now in the transition between the third and fourth dimensions — three point what?

I will put it on the 7:11 time above — I will coordinate it to that — 3.54. You can see that if you have 38 percent discomfort at 3.54, by the time you get to 3.73, it will be unusual, but the percentage of discomfort might bounce up as high as 3 percent. Yes, that is why you have to go very slowly, ploddingly slow, to move forward, because we don't want something to snap you back. So everyone has to come along slow but sure. It may not seem possible now with violence, extremes, strangeness, and so on going on, but some of that is purely accidental. I will give you an example: Sometimes people in your day and age take drugs for medical reasons, and sometimes people take drugs just for simple medical reasons — for a headache you take an aspirin or something similar. And sometimes people take drugs for fun, meaning recreational drugs. Sometimes this fun turns into an addiction because the drug is not really meant for fun. It is meant for somebody's profit, and that is unfortunate because lives are ruined that way, but you understand that.

Now there are microwaves, radio waves, and so on. There are broadcast frequencies for various communication efforts. For some rare but true cases, less than 1 percent of the population, a combination of certain drugs and certain frequencies of communication energies, microwaves, or even exposures to combined microwave frequencies — you get the idea. I don't want you to blame anybody. The circumstance has to do with the brain waves of the individual who may be utilizing some illegal drug, or who may have been unknowingly exposed to an illegal drug, or who is in some extreme situation. It depends. It could also be a situation in a war zone in which the person's brain waves are out of sync with what they would normally be if he or she were not in that war zone, meaning before the war zone or many years after the war zone when the person had recovered somewhat. In short, there are many variables involved, and this isn't happening purposefully but because of all the technology involved and people's brain waves being very susceptible to some technologies — albeit temporarily. This, with a combination of some drugs, can make a person do things that are extremely violent — things they would never have done otherwise. Sometimes these people remain in those states for years, and sometimes people remain in those states permanently.

Certain drugs that people say are mind-altering are particularly hazardous these days. Even without being exposed to any other extremes, these drugs are known to cause psychotic states. So people who are on those drugs, if they happen to be exposed to these various microwave resonances or even just radio waves, if they just happen to be exposed — how can we say? — in the wrong place at the wrong time, can suffer temporary or permanent insanity that makes them either extremely susceptible to very violent states or potentially takes them over the edge. They can become extremely violent, and they can easily become extremely violent toward people they might otherwise love. This is why you sometimes have people who wipe out their whole families and afterward realize what they have done and are totally aghast, upset, and distraught and immediately kill themselves. So this is a temporary situation. It doesn't have anything to do with spirituality; it mostly has to do with technology. Ice is a surefire drug to create psychosis. It also permanently alters the brain waves of those who take it.

Transitioning into the Fourth Dimension

We published information a few years ago on the first, second, and third alignments. Would you say we are beginning to move into the second alignment at this time?

Yes, you have started moving into the second alignment — that is where you get a lot of the spiritual integration and people suddenly discover that they can do things they didn't know they could do. That is why this channel had put up videos on YouTube about this — so people won't be alarmed when they suddenly discover that they can see beings from another dimension and so on.

Are there beings on that fourth-dimensional Earth now?

Yes, there are, but not Earth humans. There are beings, some of whom you will recognize. You understand that many of the animals that could live in third-dimensional Earth could also live in fourth-dimensional Earth but could not make the trip with you from the third to the fourth dimension because they are one or the other, and so some of them have come as far as they can. But for quite a while now, building up to the midway point that you are at now, there have been vast numbers of animals — hundreds of thousands — who have suddenly stopped existing, meaning that they suddenly died and their spirits moved on. Many of those are water beings, and they have just moved on to fourth-dimensional Earth. So there will be what you now know as fish, but you won't eat them — they are beings you will communicate with.

Food will be quite different in fourth-dimensional Earth. It will be entirely that which is grown on trees. You would say fruits and vegetables, but there will be protein in there — you will all have what you need. You won't need as much protein as you do now, because you won't have to struggle to live life. So the need for protein will be greatly diminished, physically speaking. Nevertheless, what grows on trees and plants — corn, string beans, and so on — all of these things will still be available. You will still have apples and strawberries and things like that, but these foods will have a broader spectrum of nutrients.

So as I say, there will be fish and birds and something that reminds you of an elk and deer combination — many beings like that — but they are not there for you to consume; they are strictly to communicate with. And a lot of them are there now. You will be able to communicate in ways in which you completely understand each other. It will be like having a conversation with another person right now. You will love it. Good night and good life.

Thank you very much. Good life.

3 August 2012

There is so much talk about getting us to the fourth dimension, but that is not the destination — that is just another point on the spectrum. We are not going to stay there that long, are we?

It depends who "we" is. If you are talking about Earth and the peoples of Earth, they will stay there for a while, as long as they want to accomplish something there. So the souls who create themselves there will be there for as long as they wish in order to accomplish their intention, and, you understand, there is more than one intention. It depends on the individual soul — just as all souls have intentions when they come here.

You are asking about the Explorer Race, yes? The overall intention? The overall intention is to move slowly so everyone can move at once and establish workable synchronization. It's quite obvious on the planet that now there are times of workable synchronization — teamwork, you might say — people striving for a common goal or common purpose, each doing this or doing that. It is good training for spirituality as well. When the Explorer Race manifests in 4.0, it will be a continuation of that effort. A lot of beings will simply want to stay there because it will be a nice place. It is not a rush to get someplace. I understand rushing is a desire when you have polarities and suffering — then rushing is something that is completely understandable — but when you have comfort and benevolence, there is no rush anymore. Stages of technology no longer require friction, so there is no suffering by anyone or anything. As a result there is what you would call in this now time — "you" meaning those familiar with the Explorer Race idea — a vast slowdown in what you now consider to be a pretty speedy process.