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Moving Forward into Love and Joy

Moving Forward into Love and Joy Donna Taylor

So, this is the month we've all been waiting for, with that key date in particular: 12–21–12. A little later on, I'll be explaining the astrology of that date and what it means for us — not just globally, but also as individuals. But let's begin at the beginning.

Prepare to Move into a New Phase of Life

The first week of December sees a cluster of planets in Scorpio, which gives us the opportunity to transform areas of our lives that could benefit from change. It also prompts us to look a little more deeply at life and question that which we previously might have taken for granted. For many people, this could result in a new vision of life, and this new vision is something that will be a theme running throughout December. If we see this month as the end of a very long chapter of our journey, then we will all benefit from preparing to move into a new phase of life, like caterpillars transforming into butterflies. It is timely now to close the door on all that has gone before, especially if it wasn't in alignment with our highest good or our true selves.

For example, many of us enter into jobs or professions that help us to deal with our unconscious fears, issues, or wounds, and those of us whose work revolves heavily around rules, regulations, law, and order may be helping to keep an internal fear of chaos at bay. Psychologists, astrologers, counselors, therapists, and healers may be drawn to their professions in order to help themselves make sense of their world or difficult childhood. Some people drawn to working in the care industry might be helping to compensate for a lack of nurturing when they were children, so the care that they give to others enables them to experience what they themselves needed. Other people choose work that is in line with what their parents would approve of or what society rewards with status and big paychecks.